The future is here!

The concept of Aging-In-Place is no longer the latest catchphrase — it’s a concept whose time has come. With 77 million Baby Boomers living in the United States today, and two thirds of them now over the age of 50, this group is going to start having age-related issues in their own homes.

Things that the Boomers once strived for – sweeping staircases, large sunken bathtubs and slick marble flooring – are going to start haunting them with their first slip and fall, trouble getting in or out of the tub and/or nagging pain as they trudge up those staircases.

But the concept of “Aging-In-Place” can save them.

In fact, a whole curriculum was devised along with it to teach contractors, architects and designers how to modify a Boomer’s house so that they can “age-in-place” rather than move to a retirement home. These professionals are called Certified Aging-In-Place-Specialists (CAPS) and I am one of them!

A CAPS professional will advise the Baby Boomers on how they can modify their homes so that they can continue living there with some simple — and elegant– changes. No more “institutional” looks for this particular generation!


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