Aging in Place Modifications

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, I have a list of 100 modifications that can be done to your home to make it safer, more comfortable and stylish – all at the same time. What is the single most important modification that can be done: It’s lighting!

In fact, proper lighting will single-handedly protect you from the number one source of “evil” in your home as you get older: falling down.

Not only will lighting make it safer, but additional lighting will make your home feel more contemporary and comfortable as well.

So add, adjust and illuminate the following most important areas:

  • Over the toilets;
  • Over the sinks;
  • Over the cooktop; and
  • Over the countertops

Locate the lighting to the side and in front of where the person stands, not directly over them as that will cast shadows. Wherever possible, add dimmers so that the lighting which illuminates can also be adjusted for aesthetic reasons as well.

Remember, lighting is your best friend as you Age in Place!


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