Remodeled Master Bathroom using Aging In Place Modifications

When surveyed by AARP, 89% of Americans aged 50+ say they plan to age in their current home, a concept known as “Aging in Place.”  Yet, remarkably, most of this same generation of Baby Boomers admits they are not willing to make the home modifications required to do so.  The reason is because nobody wants to admit that they need grab bars, and they will put off making the decision to remodel their bathroom based on this fact alone!

Today, thanks to some innovative and forward thinking manufacturers such as Great Grabz, “institutional” is out and “elegance” is in.

Upon close inspection, note that each “grab bar” pictured is not only ADA compliant, but they are beautiful as well.  Nobody will ever know that this elegant master bathroom was remodeled using the concept of “Aging in Place,” where home modifications become works of functional art, rather than institutional-looking and depressing bathrooms designed for “old” people.


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