12 Jan

Most recent review

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Hi Bonnie,
Mary just left you a review:

I am very pleased with Bonnie’s help. She has an exquisite eye for colors. I am thrilled with the picks she helped me with and how she goes about opening your eyes to see what she see’s.

01 Dec

The Warmth of the Holiday Season

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Nothing captures the warmth of the holiday season like a meal shared among family and friends. Indeed, inviting cherished company into your home for an evening of fine food and celebration is not just traditional, it’s a ready-made memory. Making fond memories linger throughout the season requires just a few pointers.

Blog 15 At Home for Holiday DinnerThe Bar: Here is the place where the fun begins! Make sure that you have an equally interesting, sparkling non alcoholic drink option. Featuring this at the bar or on the table allows kids to have a celebratory beverage as well as the adults.

Setting the Table: Make sure to have the lights dimmed, the music on, and the candles lit before your guests arrive. With regard to the holiday table, the idea is to infuse colors and textures — along with sparkling accents. As for the dishes, remember matchy-matchy is out! Use a variety of heights and styles that compliment and coordinate each other instead for the best “holiday” look.



20 Mar

The New Bonnie Joy Designs Website

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March 20, 2016

I am thrilled to announce the re-launching of the Bonnie Joy Designs website which is now fully optimized for all devices. This is an exciting time for me as I transition into a design firm which specifically offers home owners professional interior design advice on an hourly basis!

This is a niche which is frequently overlooked by professional interior designers and decorators, so I am excited to begin this new specialty for those homeowners who value professional advice on a level that fits all budgets.

I am continuing to offer my CAPS services to the Baby Boomers and their parents who have opted to remain in their homes but need advice on how to modify their space as they age in it. The emphasis is on safety and style as we consider adding elevators, stair lifts, barrier free showers and non-slip flooring. These are just a few examples of targeted modifications that I specialize in for the 21st Century way of life.

07 Jun

I was the featured Designer recently on Thumbtack…

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I was featured recently in a article, written by the resident user reviewer Ashley.

In the article, she mentions my successful “wine-house” renovation and shared a little history about how I got into interior design after a long career in the legal field.


Thumbtack is an Interior Design website which provides reviewing and vetting services.

19 Apr

Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

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Featured product for a Breast Cancer Survivor.  Platt will donate 10% of each order (I’m now a dealer) directly to the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  [ View PDF Version ]